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Part #

Ride Height Adjuster Easy adjustment jack screw type 2-001
Axle Beam Bushing Type 2-001B
Axle Beam W/Needle Bearing 2-001N
Torsion Arm Lower 2-002L
Torsion Arm Upper 2-002U
Torsion Arm Seal - 2-003
Torsion Spring Set - 2-004
Grub Screw - 2-006
Grub Screw Nut - 2-006A
Sway Bar Spacer Set steel 2-008
FV Sway Bar 1/2 with Adjuster 2-009
FV Sway Bar 9/16 with Adjuster 2-010
FV Sway Bar 5/8 with Adjuster 2-011
FV Sway Bar 11/16 with Adjuster 2-012
FV SWAY BAR 3/4 with Adjuster 2-013
Link Pin Carrier Specify left or right 2-018
Spindle (stock) Left or Right (cleaned, crack tested & checked for straight) 2-019
Spindle for LNYX, MYSTERIAN or


Modified qkstr spindles left or right 2-020M
Standard Spindle & Link Complete assy new king pin & bushings honed for perfect fit with offset bushings. 2-021
Spindle Horn Double shear plates 2-025
King Pin Set (2 Spindles) 2-026
King Pin & bushings - 2-026A
King Pin Set German - 2-027
link Pin Set - 2-028
Link Pin Bolt 10 MM (flat washer lock washer & nut) 2-028ABC
Link Pin Kit German 2-029
Stock Frt. Link Pin Bushing - 2-030
Link Pin Bushing 1.5 Deg Offset 2-031
Link Pin Bushings 2 Deg Offset, set of (4) 2-032
Spindle Clamp Nuts (set) allows for precision bearing adjustment. 2-033
Front wheel bearing Thrust Washer - 2-034
Wheel Nut Left - 2-035L
Wheel Nut Right - 2-035R
Wheel Nut Lock Plate (10 pack) 2-036
Grease Cap left With hole 2-037
Grease Cap Right - 2-037A
Front Wheel Bearing (Inner) Ball Type 2-038
Front Wheel Bearing (outer) Ball Type 2-039
Front Wheel Bearing (Inner) Taper Roller Type 2-040
Front Wheel Bearing (outer) Taper Roller Type 2-041
Wheel Bearing Seal Front 2-042
Steering Box Adaptor VW to 5/8 Shaft 2-048
Steering Box VW - 2-049
Steering Box Clamp - 2-050
PITTMAN ARM Stock 2-051
PITTMAN ARM MODIFIED call with requirements 2-052
Steering Box Coupler HD 111-415-417 2-053a
Steering Box Coupler - 2-053b
FV Front Shock Steering Damper 2-055

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